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Placement Assistance

Graduates must accept responsibility for their own career job search with the understanding that Symbol Training Institute will provide reasonable assistance upon request. Reasonable assistance may include referrals to available positions, access to industry information, career planning, counseling, and recommendations to prospective employers.

employer connections

Symbol Training Institute supports employers in meeting their workforce needs by working directly with manufacturing companies to place all of our students in high demand, high paying CNC positions. Our exceptionally high placement rate speaks to our collaboration with the manufacturing community. Symbol holds itself accountable for completion rates, percentage of participants who obtain unsubsidized jobs, wages earned and providing guidance to our students about industries in demand. We focus on employer needs in growth industries, such as CNC Advanced Technology.


Student Services

Symbol Training Institute is dedicated to encourage and assist all students in achieving their maximum academic, career and personal development. Our school provides a number of core services that are geared toward helping students meet this objective.

  • Academic advising helps you select courses to ensure that your Symbol Training Institute certificate requirements are satisfied
  • If you want to change your academic program, you can work with a counselor to make sure that your progress toward your career is uninterrupted
  • If you experience academic challenges, we have counseling available to discuss your options.

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