Angie got a blessing in disguise when she was laid off from her job. She went to apply for benefits and began working with one of the workforce development programs in her area. Due to the fact that she had been laid off, Angie was able to qualify for tuition assistance from the WIA Dislocated Workers program. She decided to seek out a career in an industry that had always intrigued her; manufacturing. Although the field was traditionally male dominated, she felt confident to make the leap because she previously had helped her father work on cars and home construction projects. Therefore, Angie knew she was mechanically inclined. After checking out a handful of training programs, she came across Symbol Training Institute and knew this was the place for her to pursue her career change. Angie was impressed that Symbol had industry professionals as their instructors, offering unique insights to their students. She enrolled in CNC 303, CNC Technology with Internship where she enthusiastically attended her lecture and shop classes and completed training in May of 2013. Less than a month later, Angie was hired at a large manufacturing company in Skokie as a CNC Machinist Level II. She is currently training on setups and working on a variety of machines such as Mazak 300m and Nexus, Hitachiseiki. She loves that she is making things with her hands and utilizing complex machinery to do so. Angie says, “I’m out of the field that I’m used to and feel like a small fish in a big pond.” Thanks to Symbol, Angie is employed in a high demand, high paying field with a lot of room to grow.

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