Tyler graduated from Lake Community High School in the Spring of 2013. He had already visited Symbol with his father some months before. He enjoyed working on projects with his hands and had felt drawn to the manufacturing field. Working with machines and getting the sense that he was creating products of value was a major appeal to him. He was actually still only 17, and waited reluctantly for his 18th birthday before he could enroll in courses at Symbol. Tyler started CNC 303 in July. He passionately pursued his studies in his lecture and shop classes and staff noticed that he was a talented young man who was very dedicated to his studies. Tyler was hired at a manufacturer in Island Lake as a CNC Operator shortly after receiving his certification. Tyler is working on Doosan and Mori Seiki CNC turning centers. He is getting further training from the company on operational systems used by these machines. On a typical day he operates multiple CNC machines simultaneously in a cell environment. Not bad for a kid's first leap into the workforce. He enjoys his position very much and has ambitions to continue to develop as a skilled machinist and programmer. "I think it would be intellectually challenging, and I enjoy thinking of things in a technical way. Programming provides the foundation for all the machining processes." According to Tyler he chose Symbol for the following reason, that "They provided me with informational foundation and mixed curriculum and the certification that allowed me to hit the ground running in a machine shop." He liked that the instructors were knowledgeable in the field as well as personable, talented educators. We wish Tyler continued success in his new career as a CNC Machinist!

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