Jason started working as a door greeter for a large retailer. He then spent the next year packing orders for an auto parts distributor and then worked as a mechanical assembler. Due to the downturn in the economy he was laid off in 2009 and could not find comparable work. He was forced to take a part time job as a bartender to help make ends meet. Jason then found out about the opportunities that a Symbol Job Training, Inc. education provides in the manufacturing field. As such, Jason successfully completed Symbol’s CNC 303: CNC Technology with Internship in November 2010. He had a perfect attendance and earned straight “A’s.” Two weeks before completing the course, Symbol provided his resume to the President of a CNC shop located only 10 minutes from Jason’s home. We are proud and happy to report during the interview Jason was hired to start working immediately as a CNC operator. Jason explained that because of his CNC 303: Technology with Internship training, he was able to impress his supervisor by performing his own offsets without assistance, which allowed him to make a great first impression on the first day of the job. Jason loads a part into the machine and then measures the part making sure it matches the drawings and repeats the process. The best part about the job is that Jason looks forward to waking up every morning and coming into work. Jason was WIA funded through Maria Gonzalez, of Instituto del Progreso Latino in Chicago.

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