Peter started his career working as a punch press operator in Chicago. He loved the work; however after 6 years at the same company, he was laid off and could not find comparable employment. He spent the next few years at different jobs, first taking a position at the Library, then working at the Health Club and finally ending up as a train conductor for the Union Pacific Railroad. He knew he wanted to get back into manufacturing, but felt he needed additional training. He stopped by Symbol Job Training, Inc. and after his first orientation he felt this was the school for him. He pulled the tuition from his savings account and immediately started class. He explained to me that he was hoping that upon completion of his training he would quickly find a good CNC position to help pay the family bills. A month before Peter was scheduled to graduate Symbol received a call from the President of a CNC shop in Alsip. He needed a CNC Lathe Operator right away. Symbol reviewed the job requirements and searched through our resume data base. Peter, who lived only 10 minutes away, was a perfect fit. Peter had 100% attendance and was earning straight "A's" in class. During the personal interview in Alsip, Peter was hired to start work immediately as a CNC Lathe Operator on first shift, with the plan to move to second shift after he completed his Symbol training. Later we asked Peter how he felt about this job and he said "Who would have thought I could be working on CNC machines full time even before I completed my CNC training. This is great."

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