Oscar was looking for a good manufacturing career and researched different professions. He quickly learned that the profession of CNC Machinist was both exciting, challenging and that it paid very well. He applied and was hired by a CNC shop in Franklin Park. With no prior Machining experience, he started out on the shop floor as a deburring assistant. He worked in the same position for 4 years with limited advancement. He patiently watched as newly hired employees would leap over him in both salary and responsibility while he remained at a pay rate near minimum wage. Frustrated and confused, Oscar sat down with his supervisor to find out why he was not advancing. He was informed that his co-workers had all completed a formal CNC training course. Several of the co-workers had attended Symbol Job Training, so Oscar took a drive over to our school. He borrowed the tuition from friends and family and enrolled into Symbol's CNC 203: CNC Programming, Setup and Operation. Midway through the course his supervisor noticed the improvement of Oscar's machining skills on the shop floor and he was given a $2.00 an hour raise. After completing the 4 month course, his employer gave him an additional $2.00 per hour raise. 2 months after being Symbol Certified, his supervisor asked Oscar to start performing CNC setups and his salary spiked again by another $2.00 per hour. Symbol spoke to Oscar recently and he explained to us that his salary increased significantly from around $9.00 an hour to over $15.00 an hour in 6 months time due to the hands on training and knowledge he received at Symbol Job Training.

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