Minh's dream was for her three children to attend College in the United States. So, five years ago, she and her husband with their three high school age children moved from Vietnam to Evanston. Her husband promptly found a position in an office, while Minh, with limited English, took a job in a factory. With their combined incomes, they calculated, they would be able to send all 3 children to college. The eldest two were attending out of state colleges, when all of a sudden in 2009 Minh was laid off and could not find comparable work. Minh explained to me that she felt her family dream appeared to be slipping away. Denise Buggs from Illinois workNet Evanston recognized Minh's dire situation and assisted in providing the WIA funding for Minh to attend Symbol's CNC 203: CNC Programming, Setup and Operation Course. One month after Minh started classes, a shop foreman from a Mt.Prospect CNC shop stopped by Symbol looking for entry level workers. Symbol suggested Minh Huynh, who was sitting in class at that exact moment. We pulled her from class and the foreman gave Minh some caliper and micrometer tests in Symbols lobby. Knowing that she was currently attending classes in the mornings he immediately hired her for 2nd shift and she started at 2:30 PM that same day. Minh successfully completed CNC 203: CNC Programming, Setup and Operation Course last week. She stopped by Symbol yesterday and wanted to say thanks for the training and thanks for the job placement assistance. All three children are currently in college and Minh explained to me that the higher wages from CNC have helped make her family dream come true.

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