Before Malathi Mariselvam came from India to the U.S. in 2010, she had always been a stay-at-home mom. By 2015, with her two children growing older, she found herself with more time and a need to find sustainable employment. Her husband, a machinist, suggested a career in manufacturing and informed her of Symbol’s programs.

She started her classes as a quiet student, but instructors noticed the way her confidence grew with each class. After a couple months at Symbol, Malathi was reading blueprints confidently and operating CNC machines with ease. Her shop instructor saw her potential and recommended her for a position at the company where he works. (Symbol’s instructors are all manufacturing professionals with jobs in the industry) Three weeks before finishing her course, Malathi began working the first shift running a gear hobbing machine, cutting gears and inspecting them exactly as described in her Symbol classes.

Malathi says life changed in every way when she came to the U.S. But unlike many who immigrate, she says it was not a difficult adjustment. She is delighted with her new sense of independence and feels valued for her skills as an individual. As English is her fifth or sixth language, she is quite accustomed to learning. So it is no surprise that her new manager says she learns quickly and well.


Just four months after starting her course, Malathi is walking around Symbol with a big smile on her face. She reports that she is also being groomed to run the CNC mills and lathes at her new company, and points to a picture of herself in her new job, dwarfed by the machines she is operating. Through her experience at Symbol, Malathi has proven to herself that there are no limits to what she can do. 

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