QC 101

Quality Control for Manufacturing
10 weeks, 60 hours

Quality Control (QC) is a vital part of every manufacturer's operations.  Without measurable processes to ensure a customer's needs are met, most companies would face difficulty maintaining and improving the quality of their products and services.  However, many employers often have to provide on-the-job QC training because far too few educational programs offer disciplines that specifically address this deficiency.  Fortunately, Symbol Training Institute recognizes the importance of this need to area manufacturers and is dedicated to the development of students pursuing the field.

Symbol's Quality Control for Manufacturing course is designed to prepare students with a fundamental understanding of QC processes and applications.  Whether there has been no previous QC training or just a desire to further current Quality-related skills, this hands-on course strives to provide students of varying backgrounds and skill levels with a basic knowledge of widely-used inspection techniques.  With a strong emphasis on student participation, the course focuses heavily on developing marketable skills that can be used right away in the work place with little or no additional training from employers.

Job Titles: QC Inspector, QC Technician, QC Specialist, or other manufacturing positions that require in-process inspection or print reading skills.

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